The Bay Area Brewers Guild maintains deep relations between its members, within its industry and directly with consumers.

Enthusiasts and the Craft Curious

Over 150 independent craft breweries located in greater Bay Area produce hyper-fresh local artisan craft beer, and hold countless community events and collaborations throughout year. Track this activity and more at DrinkBay.Beer — and discover why the Bay Area is one of the greatest craft beer destination in the world.

List Craft Beer Activities @ DrinkBay.Beer

Tap into an avid community of craft beer lovers by promoting your craft beer-centric activities as part of DrinkBay.Beer, through guild newsletters, via custom landings and activations, and as part of the guild's and its members' extensive social media reach and content marketing campaigns. Sign up to get listed here, or contact us to learn about more extensive opportunities available seasonally or year round, including large- and small-scale event activations as well as experiential activations that reach into tasting rooms and across the region.

Industry Partners

The Guild and its members work closely with trade and community organizations year round. Here are a few partner organizations we collaborate with.

California Craft Brewers Association

This essential trade association represents California’s independent craft breweries at the state level, safeguarding against onerous regulations, and protecting members often highly disadvantaged due to the vaster resources and intense growth mindset of big business.

Brewers Association

The Brewers Association, the national trade association for all breweries in the United States, works on the federal level to protect the rights of independent craft breweries and advance legislation beneficial to the industry.

Trade Partners

Trade businesses are critical partners to the craft beer industry, and strong supporters of regional, state and national brewers guilds. Our trade partner program relaunched this summer, and is better than ever, offering value and flexibility while letting businesses chose when and how to participate in member events and guild projects throughout the year. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us.

Influencers, Media & Promotional Partners

The Bay Area Brewers Guild works with many outside groups to co-promote, to raise awareness about its many collaborations and community fundraising, and to showcase its activities and initiatives as well as those of its members. If interested in working with us, please contact us.

Join the Guild

As a marketing trade association and community of peers, the Bay Area Brewers Guild provides independent Bay Area craft breweries with various promotional, collaborative and networking opportunities, resources, education, and more. We work closely with the California Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) and the national Brewers Association in support of their missions, as we focus on both regional and grassroots marketing and engagement, and building a strong craft beer community.

Membership is currently limited to qualifying voting and associate brewers members. Qualifications include but are not limited to:

  • being a fully licensed independent craft brewery** headquartered in the Bay Area (voting);
  • being a fully licensed independent craft brewery** with locations in the Bay Area (non-voting);
  • being an active member of the CCBA (contact directly to join).

** - as defined here by the national Brewers Association

Look for additional options to participate in the Guild (eg. trade partner program, in-planning member tier, etc.) to return as we recover from the challenges of Covid.

If you have questions, wish to learn more, or wish to support the Guild in the immediate term or in other ways, contact us